Helping You Grow Sales Faster

Growing sales faster requires a systematic approach

Sales Leadership Program

Do you have a rising leader who is taking on more leadership responsibility but might not have all the tools necessary to feel confident in the new role? These upcoming leaders often are afraid to fail and let themselves and others down, and the fear holds them back.

SalesCORE offers Leadership coaching designed specifically to help rising leaders succeed by confronting fear and giving them the tools they need to understand their leadership brand, how to lead in a collaborative way and transition from peer to leader in an organization. SalesCORE does this by building a roadmap, providing situational coaching, and checking in with management along the way. The end benefit is more than just professional success; many of our former clients say that it helped them create a more integrated life by learning how to manage priorities and tasks.

After this, your leader will no longer be fearful and intimidated, but instead confident and ready to take on their responsibilities and succeed.

Our Process

Starting with a quick overall assessment of your current situation, our team will break through the four areas that significantly impact your way to profitable growth. We customize a Sales Leadership MasterPLAN to deliver sales results effectively and efficiently.

what we do

You can see rapid, high performing results with a successful process that SalesCORE has been using for 20 years.

We customize a Sales Leadership MasterPlan to bridge the gap to gro the business faster. We offer three Sales Leadership MasterPLAN options, each designed to meet the unique needs of different organizations.

Our Deliverables

Sales Strategy

  • Introduction to the New Sales Frontier
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sales Model
  • Resource Planning Steps


  • Competitive Positioning
  • Sales Message


  • Levels of Sales Process Pyramid
  • Sales Process


  • Sales Background Information Sheet
  • Basic Account Plan
  • Account Business Plan
  • Account Plan Workbook
  • Tactical Sales Planning
  • Levels of Relationships Pyramid
  • Annual Sales Plan
  • Goal Planner


  • Accountability Outline
  • Weekly Sales Meeting Agenda
  • Monthly Sales Meeting Agenda
  • Healthy Pipeline
sales process


  • Hiring Process
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Interview Guide
  • Job Description
  • Job Summary
  • Onboarding
  • Onboarding Notes
  • Performance Review Sheet