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During Pam’s successful 30+ year sales career, she worked in many sales organizations, including some that delivered revenue but not in the direction the leader envisioned. Through her experience, Pam knew that it wasn’t enough to just deliver revenue, but that sales needed to be aligned with the business strategy. And many of the traditional “fixes” like sales training or one-dimensional programs weren’t effective. As large companies changed their approach and results, Pam saw that mid-market companies weren’t changing. She also knew that because they had limited resources, they couldn’t do it on their own. This is why she founded SalesCORE, a sales consulting firm that helps mid-market companies grow their business faster by creating a sales MasterPLAN that aligns sales and the business strategy.

Our Company Values

Making a difference in the world of sales for our clients, young professionals, and seeking the best practices.

  • Sales focused, Results driven
  • Connected to God, people, industries, and ideas
  • Strive for excellence utilizing proven research
  • Humble, hungry, smart and transparent and collaborative
  • Fun without the drama.

Our Team

Pam Beigh

Pam Beigh


Pam helps businesses and people reach farther. She has a gift of discovering where the natural strengths are within an organization and then developing them for increased profitability. Whether it’s creating a strategic sales process, growing sales leaders, filling that pipeline or outlining a business strategy, Pam’s 30 plus years of experience has helped countless businesses in Cincinnati realize their potential.

Pam is working with companies in navigating the new sales frontier. With her lead, the SalesCORE team works through a strategic process where clients are rethinking their entire business approach in a way that transforms the sales culture.

One of Pam’s natural strengths is servant leadership. She currently serves on the Maketewah Country Club Board and on the Board of Directors for the Goering Center for Family & Private Business. 

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SALESCORE has been instrumental is helping us develop the future leaders of the company. Its well documented that the pace of change continues to amplify year after year. The Leadership in Balance approach and assessments is a valuable framework that has prepared our leaders to flourish in the dynamic operating environment of today’s marketplace.

Director of Sales

For years we had an inconsistent sales process and little to no sales growth. We were introduced to a few third-party consultants to help us with Sales and Marketing Strategy, Process, and Training. Without a doubt, we made the correct decision by choosing Salescore and Pam Beigh. We now have a highly functional sales team, consistent sales process, integrated Sales and Marketing Plan, and the momentum continues to build even in a difficult economic environment. We even tried to hire Pam to be our Sales Leader due to how much respect for her we have and the success we’re seeing.

CAVU Group , CFO

SalesCORE has been a part of our team for several years in helping with our sales and leadership growth. They have been very instrumental in the development of our emerging leaders by taking them from individual contributor to high performing effective member of our leadership group. In addition, SalesCORE has been instrumental in providing insight to our sales structure and team roles as we embrace our customers and their needs. After looking at the overall structure, they were gifted in helping select the right people for the right roles when jobs changed in the organization. Finally, they have helped us in the interview and selection process to continue to build a team that is humble, hungry, people smart and supremely effective for the company. They get our culture and how to help us see blind spots so that our organization can thrive.


I was a strong individual performer tasked with growing the MWG Sales Department, my biggest fear was that ‘great players don’t often make great coaches’. Knowing that I needed help, I partnered with SalesCore to help me through the transition. Pam and her team were invaluable as we worked on Leadership Development, Sales Process, Sales Structure, Hiring, and Compensation. Thank you SalesCore for having a transformational impact on MWG!

MWG , President

Pam plays a significant and impactful role in our organization’s strategic growth. Her assistance in creating clarity in our messaging to the market is invaluable. Additionally, she provides our team tools to drive success in sales meetings which has drastically increase our close rate. Her knowledge, approach, and customized approach to sales is unmatched

Brixey & Meyer , CEO

In the first full year after our engagement ended, we were able to exceed our full year sales target in the first 6 months of the year. Our pipeline is as robust as it ever has been and, most importantly, we have accountability mechanisms and metrics to drive future growth. I highly recommend Pam & SalesCORE, regardless if you are selling goods or service or if you are B2B or B2C.

Andrew Cottrell

SalesCORE has helped our organization more than they realize, and we appreciate their support, motivation and knowledge. Thank you!

Industrial Training Services , VP of Operations

Pam and the team at SalesCORE really helped us simplify our sales process and get focused on what matters most.


My work with Pam and the SalesCORE team provided me the framework and knowledge to develop from a manager into a leader. The principles of Leadership in Balance helped me gain insight into how a true leader thinks and behaves. Pam’s coaching provided perspective on how I was performing with my team and helped to identify the areas where best to focus my development. The program’s assessments & resources assisted me on my path to becoming a successful leader. Leaders are not born naturally. They are grown through an understanding of one’s self and their capacity to positively influence those around them in alignment towards clear goals. Pam’s leadership coaching supports the advancement of those skills and knowledge.

Hydrotech , Director of Sales and Marketing

Pam has been a friend and mentor to me, coaching me through some challenging moments that have proven to be critical crossroads in my career. Her mentorship has literally opened doors for me. I’m a better sales person and, more importantly, a better leader because of her tutelage.

HORAN , Vice President, Business Development