Using Your Success For The Good Of Others

Using Your Success For The Good Of Others

Joe Burrow, LSU Quarterback and 2020 Heisman Winner, is one class act! A hometown hero from Athens, Ohio, he’s the type of young leader that makes you feel good inside. His accomplishments on the field are amazing and his impact off the field is truly exceptional.

His ability to take a high-profile moment and use it for the good of others is highly commendable. Using the Heisman Trophy Award Ceremony as his platform, Joe Burrow took a moment that was to be all about him and made it about others. During his acceptance speech, he diverted attention away from himself and shined the spotlight on something that really matters, the impoverished area of Athens County. He used his voice to speak for the children in his hometown, the ones who experience hunger on a daily basis.

[View the Joe Burrow acceptance speech.]

When people heard his concern, they took to social media and they took action. A fundraiser was set up for the Athens County Food Bank with a goal to raise $50,000. In less than 48 hours that goal was shattered. The campaign would go on to raise over $500,000!

Joe Burrow exhibits one of the most important skills of any great leader – empathy. His powerful message shows he has the natural ability to connect with people on a human level and the ability to deliver results.

Burrow is well on his way to becoming a great leader. Where he ends up in the NFL is not 100% certain but one thing that is crystal clear, the lucky team that drafts him will be getting more than an awesome player, they’ll get a class act.

Could it be that luck will swing our way? Will the Queen City have a great leader in our midst?

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