The Great Myth Do you need work/life balance?

“Don’t mortgage your higher priority for your lower priority.” 

Recently our SalesCORE team read the book “Off Balance” by Matthew Kelly and that particular line sticks with me. 

Over the last several months, we’ve been listening and learning about how people discovered their Why – the driving force behind their daily contributions to the bigger picture.  One recurring theme is that those that have been successful have a clear understanding of what matters to them.  

It’s easier to find your Why when you know what your priorities in life are.  In Matthew Kelly’s book, he challenges us to rethink the work/life balance concept.  Rather than silo the two, maybe they need to be fused together for all around success. 

With several different assessments in the book, the reader is able to rank the priorities in their life.  It can be a real eye-opener!  It had me asking myself, “Am I spending too much time on things that are not top priority and don’t help to define my why?  Am I mortgaging my higher priority for lower ones?”

I encourage you to check out the book.  It’s an easy summer read and it’s always a good time to assess what motivates us to conquer the day!  

– Wendy

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