Trailblazers for the New Frontier

I love when someone shares a tip or trick that can make my life easier. The trendy term for this is a hack. Well I have a business hack that I’m passing on to you.

Years ago, I learned about Ohio University’s Schey Sales Centre. I was immediately drawn in and soon became a member of their advisory board. It links my passion of sales with my commitment to help young professionals connect in the business world, and I’m now on the Executive Committee that helps drive future direction for the program.

The Centre is student run, allowing them to develop their professionalism, interact with executives in the business world and hone their networking skills. Most importantly, students have quota bearing internships where they’re pushed to set goals, be accountable and deliver results.

There are more than 100 sales certificate or degree programs in the U.S.

The Schey Sales Centre is number one in the world with a 98% placement rate upon graduation.

If you’re struggling to find the right sales talent, I would encourage you to look into serving on an advisory board or as a coach to the young professionals of tomorrow through one of these programs. By becoming part of this development process, we share our knowledge and experience while gaining access to new talent.

Graduates of sales programs ramp-up 50% faster than their peers and experience 30% less turnover. These statics prove that students thrown into business experiences in college, graduate ready to make an impact for future employers.

When you consider that 80% of college graduates end up in some type of sales situation at one point in their career, it’s important for colleges and universities to recognize that professional standards need to be incorporated into the business curriculum. Graduates need to know how to engage as professionals if they want to be successful. As business leaders, we should be a part of this development.

It’s a new sales frontier and no longer is it about selling ice to Eskimos. It’s about solving problems. I, for one, am encouraged by the trailblazers on this new frontier. From selling complex solutions to selling shoes, they have a more sophisticated skill set thanks to programs like OU’s.

By the way, if you ever want to hear about selling shoes in this new sales frontier, come talk to me. I have a great story share!


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